“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up to who YOU really are.”

– Naila Darr –


(Making the unconscious conscious)

We can get very busy with our lives trying to juggle everything, focusing on certain areas whilst overlooking other parts of our lives.

Whatever the issue, big or small, their importance can often be highlighted through the dreams and nightmares we experience whilst we sleep.

We will explore the value and power of these dreams and how they communicate our hopes, desires, fears and solutions.

Through understanding the different types of dreams and their purpose, we gain access to the unconscious world that is mystical, practical and wise.

When we learn to recognise what kind of dream we are having, we can experience anything from release, insight, wishes, problem solving solutions, predictions to astral travel.

Our dreams bring messages and want our attention, let’s give them the attention they deserve.

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