“It’s impossible,” said pride
“It’s risky,” said experience
“It’s pointless,” said reason
“Give it a try,” whispered the heart”

– Unknown –

The Heart of Asian Matters

(Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs)

I am originally from Pakistan, and although England has been my home for most of my life, I have lived within the Asian culture and understand it well. I know we have our own set of challenges that come from trying to balance our Eastern values with our Western wants. It can be difficult trying to reconcile what we want with our cultural conditioning and religious upbringing. Because of this, we can feel split and conflicted trying to please ourselves and our families, and often end up living dual lives.
The intention of this space is to explore areas which impact our lives personally and as a community and use this psychological understanding to gain clarity. Sometimes, the topics may be the ones that are not being talked about or ignored for fear of what the community will think. Our aim is to create open, healthy discussion for the purpose of understanding, development and unity. Where possible we will cover these subjects in English and Urdu.

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