“When we make an internal shift, it no longer makes sense to do what hurts us.”

– Naila Darr –


(coping mechanisms)

When we feel low, depressed, uncertain, in pain or worthless, we innocently turn towards things that we think will help us feel better. They may be food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, shopping, gaming, sex, hours on the internet or self-harming, etc.

Most of us are seeking some form of relief from overwhelmed feelings, pressures, fears, uncertainty, trying to control life when it feels out of control, etc. and turn to behaviours we associate with pleasure, feeling happy, high and confident.

Guilt, shame and feelings of self-loathing can often follow the relief as these habits play havoc with our health, finances and relationships.

Having a deeper understanding of how we function psychologically and realising how complete and ‘unbroken’ we are can help us to recognise the wisdom even in these situations.

This provides us with tremendous power to turn our lives around, if we want to.

Video coming soon!

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