“You are more than your thoughts and feelings
You are more than your experiences
You are part of a deeper intelligence
That is wise, knowing and powerful.”

– Naila Darr –

I am the founder of HeyyouareOK, and passionate about how we can make the most of our lives regardless of our background, past experiences and circumstances.

Using the knowledge and the 25 years’ experience I gained from creating three successful businesses: a recruitment consultancy, a counselling practice and a coaching and training company, I wanted to share what I have spent most of my adult life learning and understanding.

The subjects I cover are all close to my heart, and areas I thrived and struggled with personally.

I learnt a great deal about what we think is wrong with us and what needs changing and improving and became an expert on understanding fear and psychological dysfunction. I became passionate about learning as many methods and techniques as I could (counselling, NLP, EFT, hypnosis, voice dialogue, etc.) and used these help people move forward and succeed in their lives.

After 15 years of running both the recruitment and counselling businesses I burned out and was forced to reflect on how I was living my own life. I took time out to travel, rest and find better ways to live a healthy balanced life, whilst seeking new stronger foundations to build my coaching and training business on.
After an extensive and thorough search, which took several years, I finally found what I was looking for. I learnt about the psychological and spiritual system we are born with and how functional, creative and powerful we really are. Understanding how the system worked from the Inside Out also made using methods and techniques redundant and unnecessary.

It became a game changer for how I lived and worked with others. My life began to improve, and as I worked with corporate and individual clients, charitable organisations and women’s groups I saw the ease and success it brought to their lives.

I wanted to share this knowledge with as many people as I could because all human beings share the same system. It does not matter where in the world you are from, what your age or gender is, what your education or financial background is; this system is a universal equaliser, and everybody can benefit greatly from understanding how it works from the inside out.

As I got busy with building my coaching and training business, I was mindful of not burning myself out, and sacrificing my personal life for my professional life, as I had previously done.

I spent a couple of years dreaming about the channel and what I wanted to do with it. Hence, the original bi line that followed HeyyouareOK – if not now, then when? – became poignant for me.

However, like everyone else who has a dream they want to come true, I saw how easy it was to get busy with everything else and not create the time for it, and the excuses that felt real but masked doubts and uncertainties.

Initially, I thought making videos about love, power and peace would help people experience more of that but people (including me) can sometimes get lost in fears and insecurities that can be invisible to us. These thoughts and feelings can feel so real, that it can be difficult to follow through on our hopes and dreams regardless of how passionate we feel about them.

Exploring the fears, looking in the direction of how they are generated, and the power of seeing something new became an integral part of the channel. Leading to a deeper enquiry for discovering who we really are, and what can take us away from that knowing. Hence, the new bi line for HeyyouareOK changed to – Transforming fear to love.

I wanted to continue building my business, have a personal life and create the time to develop HeyyouareOK. It helped to know it was my life and I was free to make it up as I wanted.

I decided to combine fun, enjoyable, music and dance charitable events with this channel, providing an opportunity to spend time with friends and connect with members of the virtual community if they wanted to meet.
And as equally important, help me to raise funds for NNECA (National Network for Ending Child Abuse) – a self-funding charity that continues to do ground-breaking work and is dedicated to educating, empowering and protecting children from sexual abuse.
Our lives are precious, valuable, and they matter. I wanted to appreciate mine and to listen to the life that wanted to be lived through me, and to encourage others to know it was possible for them too.

When change takes place from this space, it has a ripple effect on all aspects of our lives, surprising us along the way to live and create in ways that we could not have previously considered, let alone thought possible.

If you are interested in working with me, please visit my website for more information:

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