“You are made of immense power, understand how the system works & see your life soar.”

– Naila Darr –

“You are made of immense power, understand how the system works & see your life soar.”

– Naila Darr –

Understand the insecurities that make you doubt how powerful you are

“Hey you are ok” is dedicated to helping you remember how powerful, wise, resilient, capable and resourceful you are.

My aim is to help you soften your heart and open your mind by understanding the insecurities that can get in the way of you experiencing the love, peace and joy that is your birthright.

Through self-exploration I will unpack how this power works and the wisdom within your mind, body, and spirit that is always guiding you, from the inside out. How easy it is to access it, but also how we can innocently use and misuse this power against ourselves and others. 

You will discover how childhood conditioning, past experiences, beliefs, and circumstances are not a barrier for reaching your full potential and creating new possibilities in the here and now. 

Ultimately, my hope is that you will understand yourself better and not suffer unnecessarily

We are fascinating, creative, and powerful beings, full of imaginative ways, where wisdom shows up, knocks on our doors, and says,” Hey You Are Ok, understand the insecurities that make you doubt how powerful you are”.

Check out the following areas I use to demonstrate this phenomenon in different parts of our lives. 



As we get busy with ‘doing’ life, we can temporarily forget what it means to be a human ‘being’, and innocently lose sight of the power, resilience and the love within us.

 HeyyouareOK’s aim is to:

Remind you of who YOU really are

Understand the fearful & insecure thinking that HIDES your true nature

Discover the beliefs & conditioning that create the IDENTITY of suffering

Share the POWER of the Inside Out understanding

Reveal the WISDOM that is always guiding you

Awaken the FREEDOM for new potential & possibilities

Support you to live the life you love NOW

We explore the fears and insecurities that cover the power and wisdom within each of us in the following areas:

We are PASSIONATE about making this channel as interactive as possible. So, whatever you are interested in discovering, understanding or struggling with about the human EXPERIENCE – let us know.

You and your life matters. We are committed to listening and supporting you any way we can.

Please note, we do not cover specialist subjects like religion and politics, which can be discussed in more relevant forums.

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